Let your idea be your identity

JANUARY 13, 2018

National Level Business Plan Competition-2018 is an inter-college and an open competition event organized by Uniglobe Center for Entrepreneurship. It aims to bring the pool of innovative and creative youths in a common platform to aid their creative ideas turning into successful start-ups.

It is an initiation to bring different participants from diverse background in a single platform to share diverse business ideas, learn from each other, and to celebrate togetherness setting a perfect benchmark in an entrepreneurial frontier.

"Need of Competitive Business World"

"Business plan competition helps business graduates to come up with new ideas. concepts, innovation and creation in business and entrepreneurship development as per the need of fast moving competitive business world."
Dr. Nar Bahadur Bista

"Transform one's sleeping dream into a living reality"

"Business plan competition is beyond the battle of winning or losing. If we realize the important of this platform, it is powerful enough to transform one's sleeping dream into a living reality."

"Entrepreneurship is a mindset."

Entrepreneurship is a mindset, which allows someone to have such an energy, passion and persistence to innovate and to run after their ideas and constantly finding ways to improve. While the young and wild generation of today are the ones who initiate their journey in this very mindset, the programs can encourage the young generation to experiment, learn, fail and improve by providing the lab. Having an business idea and turning that idea into real business can be achieved by taking a FIRST step of participating in these programs. And the rest always becomes a history.
Niraj Khanal
CEO, Antarprerana
College Registered
Team Registered
Angel Investors
" Escalation in entrepreneurship is the real need for economic growth. Time has come that, feasible ideas do not only have to reply on traditional financing as concept of equity investment is growing day by day."
Rajendra Maharjan
Financial Advisor
"With the purpose of exposing the latent potential of the creative students we have initiated a small step which will act as positive catalyst to foster the entrepreneurial facet of the enthusiastic participation ."
Mr. Udhav Joshi
Udhav Joshi
Event Manager

"Country’s development starts with academic development"

"Biraj has always been in a frontline when it comes the issue of youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship development, social activities and CSR. With this motto company is going to sponsor the first national level business plan competition. Because we understand that the country’s development and change starts with academic development."
Biraj Paint
Title Sponsor


"As an investor, their job is to figure out what
will happen rather than what should happen."
David Einhorn

"तपाईंको आइडिया नै तपाईंको पहिचान बनोस् "


"Help nation to achieve cherished mission of economic development."

"To take part in such competition is more than a paper and a pencil."

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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