First national level business plan competition-2018 achieved a successful accomplishment of preliminary workshop on 10th December, 2017 with total of 75 participants at Sagarmatha hall, Uniglobe College. Workshop was aimed to encourage the participants for start-ups in Nepal and to enrich their knowledge about Lean Business Canvas Model which facilitates an entrepreneur in visualizing her/his business idea. Session began at 2:00 pm which continued for 3 hrs long.

Basics of business idea profile was delivered by Ms. Pramila Nepal on behalf of organizing committee. The question and answer also made the workshop more interesting. Special value on workshop was added by the mentor Bob De Yong, currently serving as ………… in Antarprerana Pvt, Ltd. Our team is also grateful to receive appearance of representatives from Antarprerana Ms. Rakshya Bhandari and Ms. Utsaha Khakurel out of their schedule. Mr. Bob guided all the participants with important components of business plan, why most of the start-ups fail, and so on. Moreover, Mr. Bob introduced the business lean canvas model. The model was a tool to put business idea into paper in a diagrammatic form. It was a useful tool that would help an entrepreneur know different and complete aspects while running a business. This model was a new concept to almost all the participants. A copy of the model was provided to all of the participating teams. They did one exercise where all the teams practically work with the model. They experienced filling the canvas model with their idea, customer segment, problems, value proposition,unique selling proposition, unfair advantage, cost and revenue sources.

 Mr. Bob focused on the importance of entrepreneurship as well. He motivated the students through the workshop to continue such activities. This is a small initiation by students to generate entrepreneurial vibes among students who are the potential intellectual assets of the country. At the end of the workshop, we garnered the feedback from participants about the workshop. Needless to say that the workshop has encouraged both the participating members and the entire organizing committee. Let’s dream, work and achieve it, together we can make it.