National Level Business Plan Competition-2018 is an inter-college and an open competition event organized by Uniglobe Center for Entrepreneurship. It aims to bring the pool of innovative and creative youths in a common platform to aid their creative ideas turning into successful start-ups. Similarly, it aims to boost the entrepreneurial skills and abilities of energetic youths to analyze, create, design and market new product and service. Besides, it also broadens the knowledge of participant related to research and development, operation, human resource planning, finance and marketing activities of business organization. The program culminates in a competition with prizes and awards to the teams with the best business plans. It is an initiation to bring different participants from diverse background in a single platform to share diverse business ideas, learn from each other, and to celebrate togetherness setting a perfect benchmark in an entrepreneurial frontier. This event also enables students to collaborate with several professionals, investors and students of other colleges and expand their network.


  • The competition will begin from 23th of November and the event will end on 13th of January 2018. The competition will be conducted in two phases. The first phase will be the qualifier round and the second and the last round will be the final competition.
  • The competition will be conducted by the Uniglobe center for entrepreneurship in association with Uniglobe College and Global College of management.
  • The competition will include the participants from all around the Nepal both graduate and undergraduate from different disciplines can be participating. The participants will be required to participate through formal organization. If any individual participant who is not involved in any organization, then the participant has to get the approval of participation from the organizing committee.
  • The participants from outside valley will be provided with accommodation facilities in a well reputed hotel during the competition tenure.
  • We have arranged boot camp for finalist for concreting their ideas for preparing better business plan.
  • The competition will be judged by the expert panel of judges from diversified field banking, entrepreneurship and marketing field.
  • The participants and their business idea will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria set by the judge panels which are mentioned below. (Criteria will be provided to participant’s pre-hand.).
  • Judgement autonomy will be given to the judges’ panel and their decision will be ultimate.
  • The final event venue will be Dinning Park (mid Baneshwar) with the lunch and dinner package for all the participants including sponsors and the other dignified members.
  • The competition will have a grand closing ceremony with press conference and distribution of prizes to the winners, and helps in socialization of the participations.
  • And finally the post competition program will be a bus tour for the interested participants and for the participants especially outside the valley.


With the motive to bring different colleges from different parts of Nepal together in a single platform, and to enhance the knowledge, proficiencies and experiences of management students, this event is being organized. Major objectives of this program are: 

  • To promote the entrepreneurial spirit, skills and experience among the students.
  • To provide a platform for students to unveil their hidden talents, proficiencies and ideas towards commercialization.


As this event is an inter-college competition, there will be participation and involvement of students from various colleges affiliated to different universities from Nepal. Particularly this event focuses on the bachelor’s and master’s level student from different academic programs. Along with this, many distinguished guests will also be attending the event to judge the ideas. Similarly, venture capitalists and angel investors from different fields will be there to motivate, promote and implement the ideas in the real market.


Title Prize Cash amount
Winner Rs.50,000
First Runner up Rs.30,000
Second Runner up Rs.20,000
*Certificates will be provided to all the participants.


  • Each team should comprise of maximum three members in which one female is compulsory as a team member. In case of single participant, it is not compulsory.
  • Any team or participant will not be allowed to take part in the competition without registration.
  • Presentations will be evaluated by the panel of experts and their decision will be the final decision.
  • Prior notice should be given for any changes in the registered form to the organizing team as soon as possible.
  • Any hidden changes in anything lead to the disqualification of the team form the competition.
  • All the participants must bring their valid identity cards of the college or the organization they are representing.
  • Any kind of indiscipline, fraudulent activities and deceptious behavior will not be tolerated. *If any such behaviors are found, then they will be disqualified as stated above.
  • The participants should show discipline and punctuality during their participation.
  • The participants should give prior notice if they are not able to attend the scheduled competition.
  • Plagiarism also leads to disqualification of the team from the competition.
  • The business plan should be fresh and new. It should not have been presented in any formal competition before.
  • The first financing right of the business plan of the winning team will solely be given to the sponsors of the program (i.e. If the teams need other investors, the first option will be our sponsors however authority to sale their ideas is only on the team member’s decision.)


  • The participants will get a life time opportunity to work on, share and experience business plans competition.
  • The participants will have the national level platform to finance their ideas.
  • The venture capitalist, present in the final day of the event, invest in the ideas of the participants if they are satisfied and found ideas investment-worthy. However it depends upon the venture capitalist whether to finance the ideas or not.
  • The teams will have the sole authority to bargain on the price of their ideas only if they are ready to sell.
  • Certificate of participation will be provided to every participants of the competition. And so on,